Thursday, September 25, 2008

Death By Death

Last night I wrote a post about how the carrier was the "end-game" ship for me but not the actual "end-game" as I had tonnes of things I still want to train for like command ships, other faction ships, etc. But I went and posted it to the wrong blog. How embarrassing. I didn't even know until Andrew came around and commented on how noobish I was. Sigh.

Anyways, I had some rare game time last night as both boys and my wife went down early at 9pm. I logged in and found myself with the carrier and many hours to go until jump cloning so I decided to wing the 20 jumps back to Tash Murkon in the Kitsune of Doom. While I was travelling I got officially registered on the Team Speak server and joined the low sec and 0.0 intel channels.

Once back in Tash, there was nothing special going on so I decided to move some ships around, getting more combat ready ships into low sec and upgrading my Onyx Heavy Interdictor with a Tech II shield booster that I couldn't use last winter when I built the ship. Now the only major move I have to do is to get a clone and ship into 0.0.

I'll get Derranna to scout me in with her Cheetah Covert Ops, but what ship should Kirith head down with to start? Something with DPS for ratting and space defense obviously, but not so big as to be unweildly. The Cerberus served me well in Syndicate but the Drake is cheaper and can do the PvP half decently. I think I'll start with the Cerberus and get a Drake jumped down at a later point in time.

I won't have time to be online tonight but I should sneak in some play time Friday night as the Mother In Law is coming to visit the boys.

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  1. my good sir, what the hell you doing, what corp you joining? you may ask yourself how i dont allready know, but im in the process of finding out... it better be i.m.m or so help me...