Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I had Derranna ferry some ships down to Derelik for me (thus avoiding the overzealous Ammatar Navy) and a clone with less expensive implants for flying around in. Of course, every night I logged in this past week I didn't see any of the FINEG pilots online and if that trend continues, I could be in for some boring sessions.

I've nailed down the identies of 10 of the 12 current members and a few ex-members that I will keep an eye on. Next step is to find a good location agent in the region so I can do quick checks when they are spotted online.

They are also announcing a recruitment drive!
As of the end of this week, FineG will begin recruiting members for its low sec base. We will be looking for guys who enjoy running some missions as a means of income along with the occasional gate camp. The requirements will be:

Minimum SP 5 mil - Must fly a Battle Cruiser or Battleship at a decent level.
Age 18 years or older , exceptions will be made but basically we don't want anyone who is easily offended.
Smack Resistant - We need people who can resist the urge to splurge info in local. (Smack is just a dumb way to give the enemy info about yourself).
PVP orientated - We don't need miners, mining is bad...
Must be able to enjoy the taste of care bear tears. - If you can't drink down a glass of care bear tears, this corp isn't for you.
A microphone for ops is mandatory.

I know we have been lacking in recruitment so I ask you guys if I'm missing anything?
*nods* Pretty standard stuff (as a side note, Lemage, if you are reading my blog: I'd add minimum activity levels, like say 5-7 hours a week. Nothing worse than a pilot with all the skills but never online). If I had a combat alt that they didn't know about, I'd consider trying to infiltrate their squad and get inside intel. But I don't. And the thought occurred to me that the post, since its in the public forum on their website, is a surripetous attempt to get me or a friend to try to join to bilk us out of ISK or gank the ships we fly with them. I mean, if they read this blog they know I'm checking them out and its worth a try, right?

But alas its only me in this operation and while I meet the basic requirements to join I doubt that they would be so inclined.


  1. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Sounds like you're doing a good job with the preparations. 5mil SP doesn't sound like much to be able to fly a battelcruiser or battleship well.

  2. If you're just there to provide some DPS backup, 5 million is plenty.

  3. I think they are looking to beef up their ranks. That means rank and file troops there to take the hits. Here is the problem though, if the broad base of their current membership is inactive, as it seems, at least in Eve, than the corp culture (IE: The culture of the boys getting together on a given night and going pew pew) won't translate and they'll find that their corporation has started taking a direction they hadn't planned (because there aren't enough old boys to keep it the same and the new guys have formed groups of their own). Then when the old boys do come back, log in and put down the gavel to restore the order of their beloved corporation, the news guys will get pissed because from their perspective they'll be like "Who are these guys, telling me what I can and can't do in my corp?"

    Seen it a thousand times. Recruiting in a corp that is largely inactive is somethign that requires allot of finesse, a great deal more than most CEO's have.