Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Me = Idiot

Last night I got some time online and I was heading to a destination in my trusty Covert Ops. My route was many jumps and I was cruising along, chatting in channels and such. Then my wife called me to help with one of the twins and I put on the autopilot since I was in high sec space only and the "war dec" was over.

I came back a few minutes later and found myself at my destination system... in my pod.

What the hell? Was I suicide ganked? Did FINEG find me and kill me with a cheap cruiser? What happened?

I brought up the combat records and looked at my ship loss. Killing blow.... Ammatar Navy Colonel.

Right. I forgot.

In my effort to raise my standings with Minmatar through factional warfare, I completely trashed my Amarr and Ammatar standings in the process. I'm shoot on site in their high sec territories now despite having left the militia. I haven't been in Amarr space since leaving the militia and completely forgot about the danger from the navies when going through their space.

And when I started autopiloting I was an easy target for them to web and quickly destroy.

To make the loss even sting a bit more, I got this evemail this morning from a pilot I did not know:
2008.08.27 02:45
Thanks for the free recon probe launcher, that 30 mill will really help my wallet! I found it on the XXXXX gate in XXXXX.
Sigh. It was a Sisters Recon Probe Launcher by the way. Fortunately not a more expensive and useful Sisters Scan Probe Launcher. So yeah that sucked but it was my own fault and a lesson I'll not soon forgot. Man, new readers to this blog must think I'm a really idiot right about now.

Fortunately my wallet can takes these blows easily and I rarely make the same mistake twice.

After that drama I jump cloned out to Syndicate and brought my Cerberus home with its loot; after all, if I'm going to be shadowing FINEG I won't have time to hang out in Syndicate and I'll need all my jump clones ready to go.

Hopefully next week is better than this week.

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  1. Note to self: Learn from the mistakes of others. When I went into FW I pretty much wrote off Anmatar, Amarr and Caldari space. Heck I'm going into FW with a Minmatar standing of 7.09 unmodified. I leave you to imagine what will happen once I've been promoted a few times.