Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skills Update

Kirith is almost finished the 12 days for Shield Management V and the desired Tech II Shield Boost Amps I'm gunning for. I've trimmed down the summer break training plan (as summer is almost over!) and got Shield Upgrades V and Shield Compensation IV lined up for the next 8 days. Then its 6 and a half days of Large Blaster Specialization II through IV for big blaster boat goodness.

That takes me to mid September when I shall start the last skill, Advanced Weapon Upgrades V, 27+ days of training that will make fitting some ships easier and open the way for a Golem Marauder battleship.

Derranna is finishing up Covert Ops V this week and then is going to get some Hacking and Archaeology skills going to assist in exploration if needed.


  1. So much love for the Golem, and yet, one almost never hears about the other Marauder ships....

  2. Well, the Golem is the T2 Raven which is already acknowledged as the premiere mission runner and a decent small gang DPS ship.

    The Kronos with rails suffers the mass's impression of being low DPS, and with blasters its not a very good mission ship. I'd love to have one but I am hesitant to train for another month for Gallente BS V; I'm still hopeful for a Tech II Rokh someday :)

    No idea about the Vargur or Paladin. Both look great to my Caldari eyes.

  3. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Nice blog! The golem is very nice, but for amarr missions, the Paladin is the best mission running ship there is (Nightmare may give it a run for the money). Only problem with Paladin is it is a little weak on tank since you can only fit 1 Large armor rep in order to fit T2 Tachons.

    Golem with Jav torps is still amazing especially with its target painter bonus. Fit a tractor beam and 2 salvagers for bonus money making!