Monday, August 04, 2008

Holiday Monday

Its the August Civic holiday here in Canada (or just Ontario?) and I'm off from work. I'm planning to go see the new Batman movie this afternoon, we'll see if the twins behave enough to leave them behind with Grandma.

Anywho, I did get some Eve time in the past couple days. A quick outline:

- Widows on the market. Someone else is selling a Widow as well and is competing with me for the lowest regional price in Heimatar. Have to keep on my toes and keep checking those orders.

- I bought materials for 7 Kitsune builds, should be ready this week for the market along with the covert ops cloaks.

- I got three more complexes captured bringing me to standing of 2.98 with Tribal Liberation Force. Only one more to go for a promotion. I was looking for my last one in a dead end system when a bunch of wartargets showed up in tech I frigates and cruisers. I might have risked engaging the frigates for fun, but one of them was a Griffin ECM boat which equals certain death for me, and the cruisers also were too much tonnage to take on. I opted for discretion and stayed in safe spots until they left. I scanned the system again for a minor plex to run but none to be found so I safely logged.

If I'm lucky I might have a chance to get a complex tonight.

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