Tuesday, August 05, 2008

They're Out To Get Me

Last night I had another short session so I thought I would try to capture that last complex I need for my promotion.

I logged in and got out of the dead end system with no station safely. The next system over had a minor complex beacon up so I decided to check it out. I warped in and found all 5 or 6 spawns activated but the capture point up for grabs. Looks like someone started but then left or was chased off. I sprung into action.

With all the spawns there I had to kite the edges and only get aggression for a few at a time or my shields would be overwhelmed. A few hit and runs later and I had the numbers back on my side and I went for the beacon killing the rest as I went. That was tough, I thought, but at least no more spawns to worry about as I complete the timer.

At about 5 minutes left one of the pilots from the night before showed up in local. I popped the scanner open and watched for activity. Soon a Rifter appeared and I aligned to station, debating whether I should try and fight or not. Although my Cormorant Destroyer is set up for PvE and not PvP, part of me felt I should at least try.

But then another corp mate of his arrived in local and I had a bad feeling. Sure enough a Griffin appeared on scan. I'm tempted to try and take on a combat frig with my Destroyer, but an ECM frig? No chance. As soon as the red and white starred icon appeared in the overview I hit the warp button and docked.

Part of me wants to engage and see what I can do but getting jammed by a Griffin is not a good way to die today.

I decided to take a break from the area and jump cloned back to Minmatar space where I went shopping for a new skill book for Thermodynamics. Overheating, here I come.

P.S. The guys from the last two nights are part of a corporation called Wolf Tactical Solutions. Whether they are on complex patrol or its just coincidence, they are doing a great job frustrating my plans. Hats off to you, sirs.


  1. Anonymous10:44 am

    well at least you paid them a compliment :) thats awfully nice of you. My one concern for the factional warfare is that when I need to go to get a replacement ship or part or whatnot and I travel through empire might there not be some nasties out to get me? hmmmmm

  2. So far I've not noticed a lot of Amarr militia in Rens and environs. Jita / Caldari space might be different as its more populated.

    Also, I use an indy alt to do my shopping outside of the militia. Safer that way.