Friday, August 01, 2008

Action Report! FINALLY

After a week of no action, I finally squeezed in some Eve time last night. Of course, it was three separate sessions of about 15-30 minutes each but its more than I've seen in weeks so it was exciting for me.

Session #1

She Who Must Be Obeyed was off to the Walmart with Twin A and Twin B was asleep. I could have cleaned up from dinner, but I can do that later when the boy is awake so I can ignore him for housework as opposed to ignoring him to play games. Trust me, one is better than the other; its all in the semantics.

Anywhoo, I logged in to find my Vexor in open space which was not surprising considering what happened the night before. So I popped up the on-board scanner Hal and began searching for a complex. After a few tries I found one and it was even a Level 2, ready for my cruiser.

I warped in and set to work with the 5 Hammerhead II drones and my Dual 150mm Railgun IIs. The Vexor performed adequately. It wasn't awe-inspiring but it seemed to have no problem with the NPCs and I chewed through the spawns fast enough so that I never had more than one and a half spawns aggressed at once. After fifteen quiet minutes I had secured the location and I logged off to go clean the kitchen.

Session #2
*Gasp* More free time?! I had about 20 minutes so I logged in and quickly searched for a complex. None in this system, what about the next. I materialzed at the jump gate in the next low sec warzone system and saw about 6 or 7 complex beacons on the overview but no militia of either side in local. Perhaps an Amarr defender looking for a Minmatar complex to retake? I would know something about that. There was mostly level 1 complexes (too small to allow my cruiser in) and fortunately one level 2. I warped to it and began to work on it.

It seems that there is varying difficulty to the complexes even within the levels. While the last level 2 I did was easy, this one was much harder with lots of Tech II rats coming at me. While my tank was ok at absorbing the damage in the short term, my drones were not able to break the tank very fast on some of the rats and couldn't do it at all for others.

I was trying to reduce incoming damage by keeping a high transversal up and some distance between me and them but that meant my guns were doing anemic damage. I had to warp out for repair and it was time to log off.

Session #3
Before bed I was determined to have another go at that complex. I logged and and found my complex was untouched, but the rest of the spawns had arrived so I had a hairy and wooly time killing them while trying to avoid as much incoming fire as possible.

It took a while and I had to warp out to repair near the end one more time, but eventually I was able to tank the damage long enough from the HAC rats I couldn't easily kill to secure the comlex and get my standing increase. I'm now at 2.71 with Tribal Liberation Force, probably another 4 complexes to go to get my next promotion and (hopefully) get over 5.0 with Minmatar.

As for the Vexor, I might have to play around and see if I can up the DPS from the railguns in order to deal with those nasty Tech II rats.

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