Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ah Memories

A comment over on post on PotShot about Eve Newb guides posted by Crazy Kinux reads:
I started Eve up last night, saw the neverending blackness of space, and almost cried.
This link should help.
That brings back memories about when I first started Eve back in Sept 06.

I started in Kisogo in The Citadel. This was before the jump to Jita was removed so I had my first ferw missions in the area including some frustrating stops in "The Black Hole". I remember upgrading from my Ibis to a Heron and feeling like big shit. This was after a few days training since I started with 5000 skill points and not the 800K new players get today.

Well I took my combat Heron (I cringe to think about this now) into missions and soon lost it in Worlds Collide. And then lost another. And then a Merlin which I thought should be indestructible. Man, did I have a lot to learn.

Later on I was moving to join friends in Placid. I was going to meet an escort in a 0.5 system and I felt so nervous while there. Wow, 0.5! Danger lurks everywhere, right? My heart beat wildly in my chest just flying around anc checking the belts before getting scared off by tough rats. When my friend arrived I took my Merlin which had all of my Eve possessions and followed him through low sec into Placid where I joined his corp and began to really learn the game. That same night the corp was out for an exercise and one of my friends undocked in his Megathron. I spent a few minutes belting it with antimatter and rockets to great fun if not great effect. It was so huge and invincible.

Ah good times. Man I wish Merlins had a third turret hardpoint.


  1. Hee hee. I remember when my Gallente alt got her first Thorax...WOW! All those slots to fill up! All that cap, CPU, and grid, whoohoo! Then when I could control five drones, switched to the Vexor and thought I was the shit. Seems so funny now!

  2. Yeah, my first cruiser was a Caracal, outfitted with Standard Launchers cause I didn't have the Heavy Missile skills! DOH! LOL

  3. Good times... Good times....

    I went Ibis, Bantam, and then into the Merlin frigate. Which for what I was doing at the time (running level onemissions) did an okay job. However I soon became bored with that and moved onto ratting, and quickly switched to the Caracl (although with heavy launchers).

    Then I felt like the bee's knees... until it got blown up, and I switched to the Ferox.

    But yeah, it seems funny now... That same main now spends his time in a carrier most of the time, only hopping out to rat in a raven, and to use some T2 ships.

  4. Heh brought me back, Kirith. I can't remember? Was that me who escorted you out or Barak? The IPorc/Strife 1.0 days were great fun. :)

  5. Yeah, it was you. Good times :)