Friday, August 08, 2008


With my quest for standings complete, the process of creating a new corp (current working name Insisto Armamentarium with a ticker of INSAR) and anchoring a tower for future R&D endeavours will take a few days. Then Derranna can continue to build my bank account with invention and manufacturing for the forseeable future.

But what about my main character, Kirith? What is he to do?

There are lots of options that I am interested in, the main difficultly is time. While my game time has increased slightly, it tends to be in bits and pieces, 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there sort of thing. I can't commit to Factional Warfare PvP as part of fleets because they tend to require that much time to get setup, and joining a real corp and moving out to 0.0 is unfeasible for the same reason. Even running missions is next to impossible without a solid hour online at a time.

So I'm left with few options for poor Kirith:
- Stay in the militia but doing solo hunting; dangerous but something I can jump in and out of.
- Ninja salvaging in the warzones of tech II wrecks.
- Fly a ship out to some 0.0 region and try to ninja rat.
- Park Kirith in Rens and work the markets.

I can't wait until I can play longer stretches at a time again and get back into corp & alliance life. As annoying as it can be, its still the best part of the game.


  1. Have you though of joining a corp that will allow you to do quick PvP missions?

  2. I haven't thought about that because I don't really think there is any such thing LOL In my admittedly limited experience the best PvP takes at least 15 minutes to get the gang together and a good hour or two to scout around for fights.

    That being said, I should give FW a try from the pvp side of things, solo running around looking for the odd fights.