Thursday, August 07, 2008

To Anchor A Tower

With the promotion out of the way, I have the standings I need to anchor a high sec POS again but I first need to transfer them to a corporation as its the corp's standings. The question is, what corporation?

The first choice would be to just stay in Katana Securities Incorporated as its standings should equal mine own, right? Well, no. I let a friend join the corp so he could partake in Factional Warfare when he logged in and his standings are not high enough to join the militia directly. So my 5.16 is averaged with his 0.39... needless to say that is not resulting over 5.0 for the corp. And do I want to consolidate my industrial characters into the same corp as my combat character? Somehow it seems unattractive.

My next obvious choice to to go over to Razor Technologies and bump its standings up. The downside to that plan is that Derranna would have to leave because she has a minuscule Minmatar standing from when she was running research agent missions and got a storyline once. Although the storyline was for Caldari the small derived standing decrease of 0.01 is enough to make her count against the overall corp average. Very annoying, but doable.

Third choice is to have Kirith jump into Insisto Oblivium corp. No one would have to leave and it would take only the time to raise the corp average to over 5. But that corp is for my long term alliance plans and not an industrial corp. The name is pseudo latin for "To Make Destroyed", not a good name for an indy corp.

The last choice is to make a whole new corp and transfer into it once the standings are complete. This is most attractive to me because Razor Tech is a bought corp and not my own invention; a new corp could have the standings quickly and the name I desire. So this is what I'm going to do.

Now to determine a good name and ticker...


  1. Anonymous9:34 am

    just bump me from the corp Kirith, i cant seem to figure out the damm missions, everytime i get one i got to the beacon and all of sudden no cruisers, ok ill get a Jag, next mission no t2 frigs aghh and i have no idea how to find complexes so everytime ive tried i cant seem to get anywhere in FW, so boot me amn and get your high sec POS :)


  2. Hey Mushi, sounds like you are hitting the gate restriction problem.

    Level 1 missions and plexes only let T1 frigs and Destroyers in, level 2 up to cruisers and T2 frigs, etc.

    As for finding plexes, using the on board scanner and scanning for Cosmic Anomalies at every planet will turn you up one sooner or later. Click info on the beacon to see what ships the plex or mission will allow in.

  3. Anonymous9:56 am

    It's based off standings with the Minmatar Faction (Republic), correct?

    I'm sporting a 5.24 atm if you need a boost.

  4. Thanks Wygg, but my raw standing of 5.16 is fine enough. :)