Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Reason I Will Never Play WoW

Inside jokes and subtle humour are one thing, outright silliness is another.


  1. Uh - dude - it fits extremely well with Gnomes and their engineering.... they already have a gyrocopter:

    Steampunk technology may not be your thing, but I don't think it constitutes "outright silliness". (Hell, you played WH40k long enough - ork vehicles are very similar to technology in most steampunk settings)

    Other examples of steampunk tech from the warcraft universe:

    Mandatory trashtalk: But then I don't expect someone who spends his gaming hours staring at faceless spaceships to understand. ;)

  2. Anonymous9:29 am

    Hell it is absolute horseshit imo. I played WoW, I know from whence I speak and I shall never ever go back. WoW is for cartoonish MMO fans, to each their own.

    I will take my "faceless spaceship" ( obviously he is not aware of ambulation coming) any day and twice on a Sunday.

  3. He's aware, he's just not a fan of spaceships.

  4. I think there's a great mix of all kinds of humor in Wow. If anything it adds to the creativity of the game. Everything from He-man to Paris Hilton references are just pricless.

    I can see why some do not like the "cartoonish" look, others would argue it preserves the atmosphere from the strategy Warcraft series, which is what this MMO is all about. Everything has its own place.

    I like Wow and Eve for entirely different reasons, but that's another topic.

  5. WoW certainly holds no appeal for me...and cartoony steampunk is just...bleh. But a good steampunk MMO, say based on Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age and that looked like the movie The Golden Compass--now, THAT I could get into.

    To be honest, there is a bit of a steampunk flavor to EVE, from my perspective.

  6. Manasi,

    Wooo - you're getting ambulation - I know this. It still won't change the fact that EVE is 90% centered around the ships. Which, as Bill points out, is not my thing (just like WoW isn't his thing).

    "WoW is for cartoonish MMO fans, to each their own. "

    We can trade stereotypes if you'd like. EVE is for masochists who like to pretend that the inherent risk of losing their time investment when they get blown up somehow makes them superior to the average MMO player.

  7. Mynxee:

    Best Steampunk game I ever played was 'Arcanum'. It wasn't online, and it's a bit dated now... but damned, you couldn't beat the setting.

  8. Anonymous1:47 pm

    well then we can agree to disagree that's cool.:)

  9. No! There must be hand to hand combat with ritualistic weapons. I can hear the Star Trek combat music now.... :)

  10. Anonymous2:41 pm

    LOl you damned troublemaker well FINE then im kirk and gonna make gunpowder from crap around on the planet and blow the sleastack looking guy away :)

  11. Methinks Kirith may have deliberately put this post up just to see the feathers fly... Am I wrong? ;)