Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love At First Bite

While waiting for role timers to expire so Korannon and Derranna could join Insisto Armamentarium I jumped Kirith out to 0.0 to do some more ratting in his Cerberus. I've talked about how the Drake is the better choice over the Cerberus before but I'm really loving this Heavy Assault Cruiser.

When equipped with the Heavy Assault Missile the DPS is decent at around 352 for my skills. I can definitely get more for the Drake not even including the drones, but for ratting its more than enough. As a bonus the Cerberus has the range bonus so he can sling the missiles out to 34 km, considerably farther than the Drake's 17.5 km.

The Cerberus' speed is also nice. With the 10mn Afterburner II the HAC can fly 531 m/s compared to the 399 m/s of the battlecruiser. And it takes over half as much time to align to warp as the bigger ship does, very important for quick escapes in 0.0. In addition its cargohold is 300m3 larger which helps to hold more ammo and loot if need be.

Finally, although the Drake is not a bad looking ship, the elegance of the Carcal hull has always been attractive to me and the Cerberus variation is no exception. It looks sleek and sexy and mean all at the same time, like a beautiful woman with a gun.

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