Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Station is Fully Operational

Last night I began the Consolidation of Alts. Derranna packed up all of her and Razor Technology's assets into her freighters (really all of it could fit in the Fenrir but I like carrying the more expensive stuff in the Nomad with its greater defenses) and then headed to Tongofur with two stops, one to pick up a new Advanced Mobile Lab and the other to drop off an Onyx, Flycatcher, and Buzzard for Korannon to sell.

Once she arrived at Tongofur she contracted the POS tower and supplies to Kirith so he could log in and begin the anchoring process. Soon thereafter the tower was online, force field active, and ready for business.

The next steps are a bit of a shuffle. Derranna can't join Insisto Armamentarium to use the labs yet because Kirith as CEO lacks the skills for non-Caldari members. So Korannon resigned as CEO of Katana Securities Inc and put Sun Tomah in charge for now. Tomorrow morning Korannon can join INSAR, Kirith can resign as CEO and assign Korannon the top stop and he can update the corp with his better skills. Then immediately after Derranna can join and begin work.

With Korannon as CEO and Derranna as Director, Kirith will be free to go his own way, probably back to KATAN so he can relieve Sun Tomah and let her go to INSAR to help with the research.


  1. Anonymous9:05 am

    Good Lord how do you keep it all straight? POS operations is needlessly complicated by far the most arduous thing I have EVER done in ANY MMO.


  2. Its my obsessive-compulsive nature helping out :) PLus lots of practice.

  3. I imagine you have some idea, but I'd be interested in seeing any calculations (even rough ones) of how you expect this POS operation of yours to be profitable in the long run.

    Even though I have considered some very entrepreneurial ambitions in industry myself, this is not something I had ever considered to do solo before.