Friday, August 01, 2008

About the Eve Blog Pack

In mid June Crazy Kinux created the Eve Blog Pack:
As you already know, blogging and EVE Online are two passions of mine. I read a lot of blogs - last time I checked I had 149 subscriptions in Google Reader, and that's after a spring cleaning. Under the "eve-online" tag I have 37 subscriptions. Of those, there are about 18 which I follow closely.

Ever since I came across a post on the concept of a "Blog Pack", I've been thinking about setting one up for our community of EVE bloggers. Basically, a Blog Pack is a group of bloggers that agree to help each other out by reading, subscribing, commenting, digging, stumbling, etc, each others blog and posts. The idea is to build our readership by building our community.
I've debated about applying to get my blog on the Pack list. I think it is a great idea but I wasn't sure if my blog was good enough to be included as I always felt I was talking mostly to myself here. But recently I've been actively trying to build up traffic by following my own advice and it seems to be working as more visitors are dropping by and I'm up to 24 subscribers in Google Reader (forgot to add that to the last post about July in Review... I blame Andrew). And most importantly of all, people have said I'm a decent writer. Huge boost to the ego... until you realize that people that don't like your blog are not likely to bother to post a comment saying so!

So all that is to say I'm submitting my request to get added. If I do get accepted (and I'm confident despite my waffling above) I'll have to update my template again to get it in there. Hmmmm, could be time for a professional to make me a real template?

UPDATE: I was accepted, and have added the feed to the sidebar. Also, I updated my template and banner at the same time.


  1. Welcome to the Pack mate!! Good to have you part of the gang.


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  3. Can you please change your feed so that it shows full (or at least partial) articles in the blog pack feed rather than just a subject line? A subject line alone is rarely compelling :)

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm


    If I posted more (and less crap when I do) I would consider the same.

    Keep up the good writing. I love following it. I haven't twins (or even a singular) but I haven't had time to log myself. I'm flying vicariously through you.