Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recon Again?!

I moved the advanced moon materials and minerals to my factory station yesterday and created the jobs to make the ship components and the two Scorpions that act as the framework for the Widows. The longest job will take 11 days. Yeesh. By the way, I'm so glad I got Advanced Manufacturing as the extra 4 factory slots help a lot at speeding things up.

Since Kim was out running the roads and I didn't know when she would be back, I decided to try a level four mission. Worst case scenario was that I wouldn't finish it. No big deal. I talked to the agent and got Recon 1/3. Recon? AGAIN? This level four agent I use seems to hand out this mission a lot and looking at my notes it was the last set of mission I ran for him back in May!

Well, at least the three missions making up Recon can be run rather quickly. So I hopped in a Crow (with afterburner since missions are in Deadspace) and quickly ran off the first two missions. The third mission with the toxic Radioactive cloud called for the Rokh and I flew it through with no problems. Not much action but some loyalty points and ISK.

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