Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Some friends were intrigued by my success with the Widow production and sale so decided to invest some ISK into another one. I figured since I was building one, might as well build two. Hot damn!

So last night when I got online I calculated out the requirements for 2 widows and proceeded to buy the materials which ended up costing about 932 million ISK. I picked up up but haven't made it back to the factories yet, that is tonight's job.


  1. I wonder what would happen if you got ambushed on your way back to the factory.

  2. I'm only flying in high sec so it would have to be a suicide gank. That means they only have seconds to kill me before Concord shows up and scrams and jams and destroys them.

    Since I'm moving stuff in a Freighter, I think they need about 20+ Dominixes to pull it off. That means they would like the cargo to be worth around 2 billion at least I've heard, so I'm well below that.