Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me? Eve Fanboy?

OK, I admit to being somewhat of an Eve Fanboy / whore. It may be my first MMO experience but the game appeals on so many levels:
1) Spaceships. That alone is enough to hold my attention for hours.

2) Mathomancy. Love formulas and spreadsheets.

3) Complexity. The game has levels and levels of depth to explore.

4) Open Sandbox. You are not limited by your choices as to what you can do (barring extreme examples). One day you're the tank, the next the DPS, the next the healer.

5) Social Interaction. All MMOs have this I know.

6) Advancement based on time, not experience grind. A big plus for me.

So as I approach two years in September, my interest has not waned and there are lots of things I still yet want to do. But that is not to say I have not been tempted by other games in the market and I thought I would list a few of the big ones out there and coming up that I think about from time to time.

World of Warcraft - Yes, as an Eve player I must make the ritual sign of disgust at the mention of this game but secretly I sometimes wish a little I had gotten into it instead of Eve. A lot more of my real life friends play the game (including Karthis) and the amount of polish and content appeal to me. But then I read about the end game content being 25 man raids and lasting hours on end with pinpoint precision of spells and attacks and abilities, and how your character is pretty much fixed into one or two roles and it seems less attractive.

Matrix Online - Being a huge fan of the movies and the concept behind the movie. you bet this one attracted my attention. Unfortunately, it seems to be lacking in interesting content and is pretty small on the market share.

Star Wars Galaxies - This one has gotten a lot of bad flack over the years for their infamous New Game Experience release a while back but its gotten over that and seems to not only be surviving but growing and new content is coming all the time. I like the background material and being a Jedi has huge appeal (I loved the Knights of the Old Republic games).

City of Heros / DC Universe Online (no website yet) - Just like the thought of being a Jedi appeals, so does the idea of role playing a superhero. City of Heros is out and has a following, but I'd be more likely to start in a new game like the recently annouced DC Universe Online.

Warhammer 40K Online - Still in development since it was announced just last year, its possible it will never see the light of day. Even worse, they might develop something completely lacklustre and sucky. But I've vowed to give it a try when it comes out if only for a chance to see my Inquisitor Kelarran come to life.

* * * * *
Since I don't have money for another subscription and Eve still has my soul, I'll probably not try anything yet. But the temptation exists.

Any readers want to share their secret MMO temptations?

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  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    I was jazzed for Age of Conan and then more than a bit disappointed. Warhammer, until recently, had me interested. The content cuts I read about lately have me more than unenthused.

    The one I'm holding out for is Fallout 3 but who knows if that will ever see the light of day.

    And Spore. But that doesn't really count as anything other than a time sink.