Friday, June 06, 2008

Strife 2.0 Is Dead

For all intents and purposes, Strife 2.0 is dead. I know I left it a week or so ago but at that time there was still some desire by a few pilots to keep it going and resurrect it. But the initiative failed and most active pilots have taken off to greener pastures (typically joining with friends in a corp called Exile).

In addition, since I have no time to play Eve much less run a corp, my plans for a Factional Warfare corp for the Minmatar Republic are faltering. So in essence I'm sitting in a corp all by myself with no ability to join in on anything or recruit other pilots, pretty much exactly where I was a year ago yesterday.

Sigh indeed. Its a sad state of affairs, and Eve is not the game for single player very much.

On the upside, if I had time to play I know I would get into Exile and I'm confident I could make a go of it as CEO of a Factional Warfare corp. So there is hope for the future. In the meantime, train, build up assets, and wait.

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