Friday, June 06, 2008

The Fleet Review

Or more accurately, My Current Hanger Full Of Ships.

While not filthy rich, I am well off compared to many pilots and my writing for the Eve Tribune brings in a steady paycheck that I can't spend due to having no time to play. Also, I haven't had any chances to lose my ships so no need to buy new ones and refit.

So here is a list of my current collection of ships and a short list of ones I would like to acquire.

Unnamed, Chimera Carrier - I'm working on the skills to fly it, currently estimating that to be Wednesday July 9th. It will be my flagship and my workhorse and will require many weeks of training to get to acceptable fitting and a lot of ISK to be battle ready.

Insisto Oblivium II, Rokh Battleship - My workhorse and backup plan should I go broke, its solely built for running level four missions. I've had this ship for over a year now, who knew you could get so attached to Internet Spaceships.

Elusive, Drake Battlecruiser - This is my utility knife: gang ship for PvP, wingman for missions. All tech II fitted, some rigs, is all about tank and gank.

Tarantula, Onyx Heavy Interdictor - One of my main PvP ships, this guy is great for tackling with its infini-point and has a really good active shield tank and decent damage.

Sentry, Kitsune Electronic Attack Ship - Built around ECM and speed tanking, its solely intended for frigate gangs as electronic warfare support.

Disrupto, Kitsune Electronic Attack Ship - Exact same fitting as its sister ship Sentry, but with two rigs in the lows for shield resistance boosting.

Deadshot, Harpy Assault Ship - Frigate class sniper with the ability to fire over 100 km with the right ammo and targeting script. Not much in the way of defense though.

Stalker, Buzzard Covert Ops Ship - This ship is built for scouting using its cloaking device, and probing out enemy ships using its Recon Probe Launcher and a couple rigs to speed up the process.

Seeker, Buzzard Covert Ops Ship - Conversely, this vessel is equipped with no rigs and a larger and slower Scan Probe Launcher for exploration duty.

Velociraptor, Raptor Interceptor - A speed tackling ship, not a lot of damage but 30km scrambling range and top speed over 5600 m/sec without rigs.

Ninja, Manticore Stealth Bomber - With a passive targeter and missile rigs to increase its alpha strike damage, its all about the surprise gank.

Startover, Badger MKII Industrial - Everyone needs to get stuff moved sooner or later.

Medusa, Thrasher Destroyer - My loot and salvage ship it goes hand in hand with the battleship.

Ships I have but are not assembled and outfitted (probably fit them when I get a chance):
Vexor Cruiser
2 x Falcon Force Recon Cruisers
Rifter Frigate
Badger MK II Industrial

Ships I want that I can fly:
Crow Interceptor - simply to try it out.
Second Harpy Assault Frigate - I want to make one that is more close-ranged and better tank.
Rook Combat Recon - like a Falcon but with no cloak and better weapons/defenses.
Ferox Battlecruiser - Just because it looks cool.
Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship - Missile fun.
Eagle Heavy Assault Ship - killing frigs at insane ranges coming to a system near you soon!
Myrmidon Battlecruiser - similar to the Drake except more tackling ability.

Ships I want that I can't fly yet:
Ishtar Heavy Assault Cruiser - just *DROOL*
Deimos Heavy Assault Cruiser - Blaster fun!
Dominx Battleship - A drone carrier without risking billions of ISK.
Widow Black Ops Battleship - The ultimate in jumping/ECM/Stealth battleships!
Golem Marauder - Big ass mission running ship.
Second Rokh Battleship - configured as a big blaster boat.
Vulture Fleet Command Ship - The ultimate in gang support.

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