Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Afternoon Blogging Marathon!

Of more like my head is achy, my stomach too full, and work is boring as I make a bunch of backups for next weeks work.

Blogs away!

I got into a discussion with a guy from Deep Space about how well I could paint. I showed him my chaos lord from last September when I painted it up in a week for a contest.

Damn if it doesn't look good eh? And for a second, a short sweet second, I thought about the joys of Warhammer 40K, playing and painting and the good times I've had.

I still have no time for it. But the urge is out there and someday my free time will come back if even just a little. Heck, I read blogs about fathers with little kids all the time and they have time to game here and there so I know its possible.

Someday Craftworld Canathius and The Black Storm Renegade Legion will rise again.


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