Monday, June 09, 2008

Hey, Some Free Time!

Friday night my mother-in-law showed up at our place unexpectedly giving me some time to actually sit down and play. But the thing is I didn't know how long I would get and when I would be pulled off so I didn't do anything like a mission or PvP, I simply did some minor stuff.

First off, I contacted a friend online about building 5 capital mods for me. Derranna doesn't have Capital Construction skill yet and I knew this guys does (Capital Construction V, he could build a Titan!) so I paid him in salvage to throw the BPCs and minerals in the factory for me. I'll probably keep one or two I need for the Chimera carrier and sell the rest.

I went to Rens to give the stuff to him and picked up some more datacores and decryptors for some invention to clear out my ship BPCs. I successfully got some Kitsune and Manticore blueprints earlier and then started up some Crow and Cerberus jobs. The Crows resulted in one nice 3 run BPC, and the Cerb jobs are not done until late tonight.

Meanwhile, I had Kirith head to Rens to use his buying skills and ISK to get the minerals for Derranna, and then I wanted to buy a new ship. I was torn between a Myrmidon, Ferox, and Cerberus. Oh and I considered an Eagle too. In the end I went for a Cerberus and spent about an hour comparing our setups for that ship with my buddy, running numbers and trying different shield tank setups.

Both characters are still buggering away on their big skills: 4.5 days left on Drone Interfacing V for Kirith, and almost 5 days left on Anchoring V for Derranna. Its getting very tempting to take a break from the carrier training for Kirith and not start on the 22 day Advanced Spaceship Command V skill but do something else. After all, I've been skilling to this carrier for months now. Maybe get Gallente Cruiser V, I think, and get into the awesome Ishtar; but its 27 days for the cruiser skill and then another 27 days for the Tech II heavy drones I would need to make the best use of the ship. Sigh. Best to stay the course and get that carrier training done.

In other news, my wife is taking off to her mother's for a couple days which means Tuesday night is wife-and-kids free time for me! I thought, "Awesome, Eve Night!" and then realized that it is June 10... day of the 24 hour downtime for Eve as it releases its new expansion. F***!

So now I need to find some other way to occupy my time. My usual board game buddy is busy playing Ultimate, and my other friend is with wife and kids and probably can't get away at a moment's notice. I've been so out of warhammer I'm not even sure if the new edition is released yet and part of me is not interested in having to dig my stuff out for a trip to a store. So I'm left with the question of what to do with myself?

Decisions decisions.

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