Friday, June 06, 2008


Here are some pictures from the last few months. Note, when you get to the Flicker page of an image click the "All Sizes" button to get the screenshots in their max size and glorious detail.

Onyx when me and some other Strife pilots were on the prowl:

And Onyx providing the bubble in 0.0:

My Cerberus and Lucius in his Raven blowing up the battle station in the bonus room of a level three mission:
2008. 2008.

Here's a pic from the time I found a couple Chribba Love Can with Mining Drone II BPCs in them:

Derranna's Mastodon visiting the POS:

Derranna's Fenrir Freighter:

And Derranna's Nomad Jump Freighter:

Finally, a series of shots of the Nomad doing a jump from Stacmon to Pelille back when we had a POS:
2008. 2008. 2008. 2008.

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