Friday, May 23, 2008

Rare Eve Night

My wife didn't get home until late last night so I had a rare evening to just sit and play Eve with no distractions.

I wanted to do something with someone, anyone. So I asked around in my chat channels and found a good guy, a corpmate, who was running missions in Caldari space.

WHAT?! We're not supporting those fascists! So I offered to let him come down to my old stomping grounds in Minmatar space and piggyback on my level four missions for the Republic Fleet. Only problem is that he has no ship in that region so I offer to loan him a nice little Drake to be my wingman in my Rokh Battleship. He agrees and we fly to Rens to meet up.

I get to Rens and see a war target from FINEG in local. Rens is a major hub so its quite populated with pilots and I am able to dock. While waiting for my corpmate I decide to outfit a Kitsune Electronic Attack Ship to act as scout and escort for my buddy flying the Drake. While doing so I see the enemy dock at my station and undock a few minutes later and I figure he is going sit in a Pilgrim Force Recon cruiser cloaked outside and see if he can catch us.

My ally arrives and I trade him the Drake. Since the enemy doesn't know what ship I'm in, we decide to see if he attacks the Drake first and I have my wingman undock and warp to a gate. Once he hits warp, I undocked and followed. The Kitsune is fast and can jam; if I had been engaged, I probably could have easily escaped.

The Drake jumped into the next system and proceeded to the next gate. The war target followed and I did a few seconds later. As I materialized in the system I saw the enemy and confirmed he was in his Pilgrim. I held jumping cloak for a few seconds and watched him activate his Covert Ops cloak. I decide to try and confuse the enemy by heading to the mission running spot a different way so I backtrack and go back the way I came. The Drake pilot reports no following enemy after a couple jumps and I never see him again either.

We got to the mission system, jumped in my battleship, and proceeded to tear up NPCs at a fierce rate. I finally got to try out my new 350mm Tech II rails guns and was pleased with the increased range and DPS. I let my wingman do the salvaging and looting, I was more interested in the grind to a Storyline mission for standings increase.

We ran5 regular missions and I did get a Storyline mission which we executed as well. We made 20 million ISK in bounties each and he got tons of salvage and loot and I picked up a really nice implant for accomplishing the storyline mission as well as a 0.56 boost to my Minmatar standing (up to 3.87 base). The implant was a -5% decrease in shield recharge time, an expensive implant great for passive shield tanking.

We kept an eye on local all night, but no whiff of the war targets appeared.


  1. I haven't been able to pay for/have time to play Eve since the end of March, and I won't be back until at the earliest October, but I'd like to put in now that I am tentatively interested in joining you to kill Amarr.