Monday, May 26, 2008


I didn't have hardly any time to play Eve on the weekend, the twins just take up so much effort and when they are peaceful the housework and cleaning up take the rest. But I did get to do some planning on how I'm going to rebuild.

I've lost Razor Tech's high sec small tower during the birth the boys and the Medium tower I had up for Strife in the war, so my research division is basically out of commission for the moment. I'm doubtful I'm going to anchor a new one as it would have to be in low sec and I'm too pressed for time to take care of it properly. Plus now that I know I can't unanchor things when the tower is in reinforced, I'm less willing to risk that much ISK without proper protection.

But even without the tower, research can be done in public labs. It make take a lot longer due to queues, but its not out of the question.

The current feeling is that I'll be joining the Minmatar Militia with either Strife or Katana corporations. There was a concentrated effort to make Strife work for Factional Warfare for a bit, but it seems others are not as interested as I am and are willing to take over. I don't have the time for running Strife and I really want to do factional warfare so I'll part peacefully and happily and follow my own destiny. Good luck Strife Mercs, may you find your man.

I'll spend some time consolidating my assets and planning my resurgence. Hopefully we can get the boys into enough of a schedule that I can start playing some Eve in blocks again.

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