Friday, May 16, 2008


I talked earlier how Strife is on hiatus and how I'm very very stoked about Factional Warfare.

Out of the 5 leadership pilots (including myself) and several higher ranked pilots, most are either taking a break or going on a walkabout in other corps for the summer. I'm staying in Strife and perhaps one other Director but since his time is not much more free than mine, I volunteered to take stewardship of the corp for the time being.

As of last night, I am now CEO of Strife Mercenaries. Insert evil maniacal laughter here.

My first action as new CEO is to order a consolidation of corp assets, return of loaned corp assets, dismantling of starbases as we lack adequate resources to fuel and protect them constantly, and an audit of remaining pilots and assets. This should take a couple weeks to finalize.

After that, I plan to propose gearing up for joining in Factional Warfare on the side of the Gallente Federation and fighting in Placid and the new Black Rise region.

We'll see if I can get enough support from the remaining pilots to pull off. If not, if most are opposed to signing up to the militia then I might step down for someone else's vision and dedicate myself to starting my own corp from scratch. I really think Factional Warfare is the PvP we've been looking for, I really do.

Time will tell.

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  1. I'm all over your vision of the militia involvement for the Factional Warfare. Now that you've got the keys to the car, I'm pretty keen to see how you move on your project. Coming back from Summer will be great, I'm thinking. Keep me abreast of how things are shaping up with the factional warfare bit because I know that when I come back I'll be looking to jump into that too! Woot! :)

    I really like the idea of another taking on the mantle of the corp. Feels comforting to know the sucker doesn't die with me, btw.