Thursday, May 29, 2008

It Arrived!

Since I had tennis last night and got home from work late, I didn't beg off my wife with the twins to play Eve. But I did get a package in the mail that I was quite excited to see finally.

My copy of the Eve Maps arrived and I wasted no time in opening it up and marvelling at its sexiness. Its not that I needed the book; Ombeve's 2D maps work create and have pretty much the same information but I wanted to splurge on something Eve-related (a habit from the Warhammer hobby I'm sure which never lacked more things to buy) and its nice to have all the regions pre-printed and bound in a nice format that easily works on the desk. If you are an Eve pilot and have some coin to spend, I highly recommend it just for the feel of the pages and the coolness factor.

This morning I had some time before work and completed the jump of my friend's assets from low sec to high sec. Once the goods were in a contract, I auto-piloted the Nomad through high sec to Minmatar space leaving only a Blockade runner of stuff left to be moved which I shuttled back for and will move tonight. All of Kirith's stuff is gone as well. Goodbye Placid, its not your fault I am leaving again and I'm sure someday I'll be back again.

A new dev-blog on Factional Warfare was released this morning describing more details about the combat system they are putting into place. It sounds very exciting with both missions and encounters (i.e. cosmic anomalies) will have gates limiting access to certain classes of ships:
  • Level 1 – Tech I frigates and destroyers
  • Level 2 – Tech I frigates, destroyers and cruisers, Tech II frigates
  • Level 3 – Tech I frigates, destroyers, cruisers and battlecruisers, Tech II frigates, destroyers and cruisers
  • Level 4 – All ships not requiring "Capital Ships" skill
Its interesting that Battleships and Command Ships (along with all capital ships) won't have access to Level 3 or less areas. I'm mostly pumped about the level 1 and 2 areas where the less used ships can really get to shine. Assuming they can get to the areas through pirate infested space.

Of course, the release date is a lot sooner than expected, June 10th. I need to get booting to get Katana Securities ready in time to sign up!

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  1. Anonymous8:07 am

    Glad that your map arrived. I have used mine every night since mine came. I like the detail and the wealth of info they were able to pack into them.