Friday, May 30, 2008

Corporate Machinations

I made my new corporations in the wrong order with the wrong CEOs.

I originally made Insisto Oblivium on a whim with Korannon, and then later made Katana Securities with Tatianna after Derranna took over as CEO of Razor Technologies.

The problem is that while Korannon has adequate leadership skills for allowing characters from other races to join, Tatianna does not. Therefore I need to switch their positions and for that I need someone to hold control of one corp while the two characters swap. Enter Kirith.

I used Kirith to join Insisto and had Korannon assign him CEO. Then 24 hours later Korannon can apply to Katana (after Tatianna trains one level of Ethnic Relations so she is allowed to have a Caldari pilot in her corp (she's Minmatar like Derranna)) and become CEO where he is supposed to be. Then 24 hours later Tatianna can apply to and join Insisto, take over from Kirith, and finally Kirith will be free to apply to Katana and become director there and get to work on standings. YEESH!

Had I had Korannon start Katana and Tatianna create Insisto I could have avoided all of this but alas, plans evolve and we adapt.

So as I enacted plan shuffle plan I finally had Kirith leave Strife after 4+ months of employment. It was a sad moment, I really wanted that corp to work but the spark that powered us at first flared and died in the last month. Ultimately I blame the politics part of the game; it burnt out our CEO, demoralized the pilots, and scattered our efforts. Our failure was the one of properly regrouping.

Regardless, I take these lessons with me as I create Katana. Once Kirith and Korannon (brothers in my internal roleplay) are safely ensconced in the corp I can begin recruitment for the upcoming empire wars.

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