Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warning, Dominix Off the Port Bow

A corpmate had stuff behind enemy lines.

Well, more accurately my ex-CEO had left a bunch of stuff in our old base in Syndicate and was going to get the out with his carrier in the future before it got blown all to shit. Since he had no realistic way to get that stuff himself, I offered the services of the Nomad.

We set up last night and he took a cyno pilot down to the area and got some liquid ozone. I setup in range and waited for the heads up.

"Ok, 15 second warning, only a Cheetah on scan..."

"Roger, undocking. Clear outside station here."

"Cyno up."


WHOOSH... damn, I still love that effect. Gotta break out the screenshots sometime.

"Dominix on scan!"

"He's right here! Dock, DOCK!"

Dominix battleship 12 kilometers away, then 11, 10... damn he's fast!


"Docking request accepted." Whew! Safely out of the way before I was bumped off the station. My buddy's cyno ship was stuck and quickly got squished by the enemy but he was able to get his pod away and we completed the trade of his stuff to my cargo hold. I decided to put off jumping out right then as it was possibly too hot and waited until this morning before downtime. The jump back to low sec went without a hitch and no cyno ships were harmed this time.


  1. Did you get a shot of adrenaline when you saw that thing? I know I did! I was thinking "Shit, if he gets bumped off I don't have anything up here that can help him out." I did have that bestower and was prepared to put on some ECM bursts if I had to but I'm glad it didn't come to that.

    Glad to hear you got back to the relative safety of Empire, lord jumping those things into 0.0 is freaky.

  2. Anonymous8:41 am

    Very illustrative post for those that do not or cannot appreciate the nightmare that is logistics in low or null sec space.