Monday, June 02, 2008


But alas, no freaking time!

I'm suffering from major Eve withdrawal. Getting on for five minutes to change a skill or setting up an autopilot hardly counts and I'm aching to even run a level 1 mission or two.

Sigh. I could be screwed for a few months yet, at least until the boys are not eating every two hours. It could be a long summer.

The good news is that Eve's unique skill training system ensures that I gain abilities and ships regardless of my time online. Kirith's work on Drone Interfacing V is now below 12 days, and Derranna's training of Anchor V is also just below 12 days. She took a break this weekend while my extra CEO Tatianna Dorcha trained up a level of Social and then a level of Ethnic Relations for a few hours so she could complete the corporate shuffle. The CEOs are now in place, and only Kirith is left to transfer to Katana tonight, become a director, and start working on level one missions when I can to get to the storyline I need for the corporate faction standings.

Assuming I can get any time. Sigh.

"Hey Bill, why are you training Anchoring V?"

Good question! I was ambivalent about going beyond level IV which unlocked the Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I and Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor II (deployable items that when anchored created interdiction bubbles for incoming vessels) but level V not only gives the Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II anchoring ability but it unlocks the Starbase Defense Management skill for controlling weapons at POSes and directing their fire. It also unlocks the Outpost Construction skill but that is secondary as I don't see myself constructing any Outposts any time soon.

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