Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stocking Up

Last night I was still in Empire for a bit making sure the cloaking devices sold, so I decided it was time to stock up on supplies. Specifically scan/exploration probes, and Tech II heavy missiles.

This took longer than I thought. Not for the missiles, that was easy.

But I needed to buy 20 different probes and each one takes a few seconds to load the market info, select the right order, click buy, but in the number and select ok. Then I had to go to a few stations to pick up the stuff in my slow-assed Badger MKII and then take it back to Stacmon. All the while chatting up a possible new recruit (*waves to Wygg*), keeping track of corp and alliance chats, watching Alliance command channel, and listening to a Director's meeting on Vent.

I was very busy for not feeling like I was doing anything.

Tonight I won't be playing Eve as I have scheduled a game of Dawn of War with my buddy Andrew (aka Karthis) but I should be back on a regular schedule Thursday.

* * * *
Skills update: While working on Warp Drive Operation for Kirith, I slipped in a couple levels of Advanced Spaceship Command to get it ready for the big push that starts at the end of the month (i.e. where I start Caldari Battleship V, Drone Interfacing V, and Advanced Spaceship Command V, 67 days of training combined).

I'm torn whether or not to do Heavy Missiles Spec IV and Electronic Attack Ships IV before then. Its only 7 days and a bit for both so I probably will, but the temptation to toss them aside and go for the throat on carriers is there.

Derranna is still busily beavering away at Jump Drive Operation V, sitting at 47% done with 10.5 days left.

* * * *
I created a new character called Tatianna Dorcha, a Minmatar executive commander, to take over the reins of Razor Tech so Korannon can join Strife as a buyer-seller character for me. It was much easier transfering control to her for CEO than it was last year when I bought the damn corp in the first place. Glad to see CCP fixed that issue.

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