Thursday, April 10, 2008

Battle Report: Dawn of War

Last night Andrew and I hooked up online (after several patch downloads, natch) and bashed each other around in Dawn of War.

Game #1: Chaos Marines versus Space Marines

I was in a panic mode all game, terrified Andrew was going to march in and destroy me any second. I tried to remember how to play so stayed pretty basic: a couple large units of cultists to throw into the fray supported by some marines to shoot in and kill the enemy as they pummelled the cultists. In support I made upgraded listening posts and plenty of heavy bolter turrets. Finally I added a full squad of Raptors for extra killing goodness.

This allowed me to hold off Andrew's first couple of testing attacks while I developed up to Defilers. Just as the third Defiler rolled off the line, Andrew made a serious attack.

On the "main" front he threw in his forces which I met first with the Defilers and secondly with the Cultists/Marines/Raptors. But while that attack was going on, he sent in a flanking force to pincher me and get behind my lines. Unfortunately for him, my concentration of firepower on his primary attack quickly overwhelmed him and I was able to turn my forces around in time to prevent serious damage. I lost the Defilers in the process, but the rest held up.

I added more marines to the force and a couple upgraded lascannon Predator tanks since Andrew seemed to like Dreadnoughts. I then launcher an all-out attack on his base. Seeing me move in, Andrew launched his own attack on my base and it became a rush to destroy each other.

In the end Andrew's base was setup close enough together that I managed to destroy all the unit-producing buildings first and claimed victory.

Game #2 - Eldar (Me) versus Tau (Andrew)

We thought we would do something different so Andrew tried out Tau and I tried to remember how Eldar worked. It came back to me fairly quickly since I used Eldar in the Winter Assault campaign but neither of us had a clue how to properly use the Tau and when the serious fighting began my horde of Guardians, Dark Reapers, and Seer Council with Psychic-Storm-slinging-action Farseer proved too much and Andrew conceded until he had more time to try it out.

It was fun, I hope we can make this a semi regular occurence as it doesn't take very long to play a game and it is amusing.

Need voice comms though. I'll have to ask if I can use a friends Ventrilo server.


  1. Hey, I'd love to join you guys. I've got Dawn of War and the Necron/Tau expansion.

  2. Sounds great! Next time we are hooking up I'll drop you a line.