Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Buzzard and Kitsune

I needed a new Covert Ops frig to replace the one I lost a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to try out the new Caldari Electronic Attack Ship Kitsune frigate, and I had to sell some cloaking devices for the corp so I jumped back to Empire and got busy.

The Buzzard was first, starting with a micro warp drive and Scan Probe Launcher for either scanning down targets or looking for exploration sites. Pretty straight-forward build.

The Kitsune was next. First off, let me say I've very impressed by the capacitor this thing has; even with a MWD fitted I felt there was still lots of juice in the tank to run it and the other mods. And its fast so I went with a speed tank and ECM tank fitting.

Highs: 3 x Rocket Launchers
Mids: 1 x MWD, 4 x Racial ECM
Lows: 2 x Overdrive Injectors.

Its not the highest jamming strengths but it should be able to take any one ship out of a fight three quarters of the time and it moves pretty fast. I bought a couple cheap shield rigs to gets its resistances up all over 50% too.

I also fit up a spare Drake battlecruiser with Tech II Heavy Missile Launchers. All three ships will have to make there way to 0.0 via the carrier sometime but they are not priorities.

In other news I'm thinking of moving Korannon over to Strife to act as an Empire buyer/seller to free Kirith up from having to come to Empire to do it. I don't want to close Razor Tech quite yet but fortunately I have some free slots to make a new character to act as CEO during the shutdown.


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  2. Hey, your blog looks good. Consider yourself linked. :)