Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As Strife Mercenaries grows and develops relationships within the alliance, there will always be the question of "what next"?

Its always a big step taking a corp and joining an alliance whether you are CEO, director, or grunt pilot. New leaders to meet and get to know, new rules, and often moving into new space. We tried Sylph Alliance but that fell through for a number of factors, many of them unimportant to all but a few upper Strife members. We considered renting space but the price tag was too high. Recently we fell in with Rejuvenate alliance which was starting essentially from scratch.

The alliance evolves. We've had our first major decision to make and it involved asking a CEO and his corp to either leave or merge into a subordinate position in another corp in the alliance. Miffed, he picked exile over service. The remaining corps are stronger in relationship with the removal of the craw in many pilots' jaw.

The next major decision point comes to the question of moving. A majority of corps in the alliance want to move to better space in a rental agreement with a larger and more established alliance, but our corporation is sick of moving and leery of the deal. Syndicate may be the armpit of 0.0 space, but its light years better than low sec and lots of opportunity for PvP and making isk.

We had a corp meeting last night to discuss the options and we're confident that our corp will survive nicely regardless of what the rest of the alliance chooses for the foreseeable future. The fact of the matter is, Strife is stronger than ever and growing at a slow but steady pace. And we feel for the time being we have a home in Syndicate and Placid.

Heh, right back where I started in 2006; it just feels right.

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