Monday, April 14, 2008

Skills Update

Kirith finished Electronic Attack Ships IV on the weekend, and is polishing off Advanced Spaceship Command III today which will be followed by level IV. Then its the big three:
Caldari Battleship V - 36 days
Drone Interfacing V - 19.5 days
Advanced Spaceship Command V - 22.5 days

Sometime in mid June they will be done. (I know I keep repeating this over and over again but its in part to keep myself convinced I'm going to do it, stick with it, and get that carrier by July).

Derranna is in the final stretch for the Jump Freighter, down to under 6 days now. Unfortunately its due to end in the early morning hours on Sunday so I might skip Jump Freighters II in there (9.5 hours) to bring it into waking hours on Sunday. It will take a week to make the Jump Freighter solid enough to use regularly, and then a couple months to make it near perfect in terms of range and fuel.

Worst part is, a lot of the skills I'll have to redo for Kirith's carrier in a couple months anyways. Sigh.


  1. Just for the Hell of it I ran the base Minmatar carrier through Eve-Mon and I'm surprised that were I to switch to it immediately I could have it by August 2.

    Of course I couldn't *afford* the ship, or the ~.96M in skillbooks, but that's not the point. I didn't think it was that accessible.


  2. And that's .96B in skillbooks, not million.

  3. Yeah, the almost 1 billion for the skill books and subsequent near billion for the ship really, really stung my wallet. But it will be soooooooooo worth it! I love carriers, so cool.

  4. I could get to the Fenrir (Min Freighter) in 17 days for a much more reasonable 125M for the skills and paltry 770M for the ship.

    It's so much less it's almost free.