Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Exciting But...

... it had to be done.

Last night a couple Prototype Cloaking Device copying jobs completed (after 18.5 days) and I began to tear down the Iitanmadan Strife POS.

First I had to scout Derranna and her Mastadon Transport ship through the hole that is Aunenen and then less dangerous but still evil Daras. I used Sun Tomah, the research assistant alt, because she was in the area and I didn't have a jump clone for Kirith nearby. So Sun in her rookie newb ship Caldari Ibis quickly scouted out the route and despite a Drake suddenly appearing and looking at me funny in Aunenen it was uneventful.

So at the POS I began the long process of offlining two of the three labs and unanchoring them. Its a pain because it takes ten minutes to unanchor each and they cannot be done at the same time since the tower itself is doing the work and apparently it is not multithreaded. Stupid Eve.

So I had to wait twenty minutes before I could pick them up. I spent the time chatting with alliance mates and corp mates.

Once the unanchoring was complete I scooped up the labs and checked my cargo hold.

Advanced Mobile Lab: 149 million ISK
Mobile Lab: 80 million ISK
Drake BPO: 325 million ISK
Ferox BPO: 240 million ISK
2 x Prototype Cloaking Device BPOs: 180 million ISK

Hmmmmmm... what's that saying about all eggs in one basket?

Realizing that I was perhaps being too ambitious in my hauling efforts, I warped to station in system to drop off the BPOs which can moved by smaller and safer means. As I arrived outside the station I saw a cynosaural field and a Minmatar Nidhoggur carrier appear along with the Hyperion battleship waiting for it. I docked without incident and decided to not risk the run past those two big boys for now.

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