Thursday, April 03, 2008

Logistics Part III and Done

Last night I had one more run to do for both Kirith and Derranna. Kirith to go get the Cerberus while dinner was being cooked and eaten, and Derranna to pick up parts for the cloaking devices I need to build.

Once they were both back in Stacmon, I logged Kirith and had Derranna complete the logistics operations by renting a hanger and putting the corp assets in relatively correct spots. I then threw the 40 cloaking devices in a factory and patted myself on the back for a job well done.

With Derranna finally free, she jumped in a Minmatar Probe frigate and went out to the bordering low sec system to sit cloaked off the gate. That gave me a pair of eyes to watch for campers while Kirith took his Cerberus, Onyx, and Manticore to our low sec carrier jumping base for transport to 0.0. I guess that would be considered more logistics, eh? Ah well, its done now.

I still have a Drake Battlecruiser and Scorpion battleship in high sec; I'm not sure I want or need them in 0.0. The Drake is a decent ratter but my Cerberus and Rokh can cover that more than adequately (if a little expensively) and I might reconfigure it for Tech II Heavy missiles which will require some fitting experiments and purchases anyways. The Scorpion I didn't bother because I've come to see it as a useful ECM ship for low sec gates and station fighting where it can absorb sentry fire that the Falcon cannot. Otherwise the faster moving and locking Falcon is superior except for having one or two less ECM mods, hardly worth the effort of moving the Scorpion to 0.0 for that.

With all corporate and personal logistics taken care of for the time being, I was free to finally try and sneak Derranna's spare clone to 0.0 this morning before I left for work. I jump cloned Kirith to his Raptor interceptor just inside Syndicate region and Derranna to her Prowler Blockade Runner just outside 0.0. Seeing the gate was clear, Derranna warped on in and I began the process of scouting her to our base.

About four jumps along, I see a neutral in local. I had Derranna cloak while Kirith in his virtually unstoppable interceptor check it out. The neutral jumped into the next system and I followed to find three members of the same neutral alliance. Two I could see at the gate, an Amarr Arbitrator cruiser and a Caldari Raven Battleship; hardly a great concern for either of my ships in terms of escaping them. But I couldn't see what the third pilot was flying and an Interdictor (heavy or light) or a Gallente or Minmatar Recon could really ruin my day.

I decided to play it extra safe and have both characters dock up in a station. I'll wait until later, maybe see if I can get some escort from the alliance for the last few jumps. No rush and I had to get to work anyways.

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