Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Eternal Question In Eve...

Do I train that skill more or not?

Kirith is in a week long slog of training Large Rail Specialization IV which arguably has very little benefit.

In order to train Large Rail Spec skill at all you need Medium Rail Spec trained up to IV. And same thing with Medium Rail Spec and Small Rail Spec. But once you train the first level of the Large Rail Spec skill, you've opened up access to all the modules and there is no further skills depending on it.

The only benefit to training Large Rail Spec II through V is an additional 2% damage bonus per level. Now training the 24 or so hours for level II and level II is not a big deal but level IV is about 7 days (and level V is 36 days!) so it becomes a question of is 2% more damage worth waiting seven days for?

More generally, what is the threshold of time versus reward for non-prerequisite skill training? Its the question every Eve pilot must face and answer for him or herself during their pod career. For me and my precious Rokh, the difference between level III and level IV is about 8 DPS. Total. That's 1 DPS per weapon. With antimatter, its even less with longer range/less damage weapons. Normally I would say "screw that!" and move on to my next skill except its a pride thing in this case. I want to have one of the best DPS rates with rails out there and Large Rail Specialization IV sounds wicked to others who don't have it, even though you and I know its no big deal.

So Friday afternoon I'll have my little badge of prestige and move on to Tech II blasters and face the next iteration of the Eternal Question... Large Blaster Specialization IV or not?


  1. What limits you from just training everything to max? Time?

  2. Indeed time is the only non-monetary limit. Someone calculated that it would take a character about 5 years to train all existing skills.