Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm Sneeeeaaaaakkkkkyyyyy

In the old days, getting stuff into 0.0 was a hazardous process of warp stabbed battleships and battlecruisers trying to sneak past gate camps and roaming gangs. And it didn't always work.

With the advent of carrier pilots in our group, and being in alliances with carrier pilots, its a lot easier. Jump the big stuff to 0.0 relatively safely in a carrier's ship maintenance array, and fly to the 0.0 base in an almost uncatchable interceptor. Really, it makes getting into 0.0 easier than getting from high sec to low sec.

But I thought I could scout Derranna into 0.0 flying her Blockade Runner transport ship as I didn't want to trouble my CEO for yet another jump. With Kirith as a scout in his Raptor, I figured it would be easy until I got scared halfway and docked up.

I checked again last night when I logged but the Aphelion alliance pilots were still there and when Kirith undocked to look around, I noticed a Crow. Well, shit. A Crow is the other Caldari Interceptor and is built on combat as opposed to tackling and I figured if that pilot invested any isk in his ship it would go faster than mine. Faction mods, rigs, implants, its not unfeasible that he could get up to 8+km/sec and my piddly 5.8 km/sec would be outclassed.

Since Derranna was still trapped, I decided to run. While the Crow was most likely faster in realspace, the Raptor still owns the warpspace speed and I easily outpaced him back to our base system.

Once there I knew there was a frigate op scheduled for the top of the hour, only five minutes away. I waited patiently for it to start as I had an hour to play and a roaming frig gang would be fun. But aside from me and a corp mate no one else showed, not even the organizer! I would have gone wit just the two of us but he was only in a Tech I frigate with minimal skills and my Raptor is not DPS enough to pick up the slack. So after waiting 15 minutes I decided to pick up some parts a couple jumps away and then head back to Derranna for another try to escape later on.

Around 20 minutes after the scheduled op was supposed to begin the organizer logged in but I figured I didn't have enough time now so disappointed I did my own thing. Sigh.

This morning I was determined to get Derranna out of the pickle she was in and get to base. SO I waited to 10 minutes before downtime and logged in. Those Aphelion guys were still in system but they were all docked in my station. I decided to undock and see if I could make a run for it. In space no contacts on the overview or scan so I made a run for it, got to the gate, and jumped through. The next few jumps were uneventful and the local empty so the old sneaky trick of running the pipe just before or after downtime worked just like in the old days.


  1. Heya. Love your blog dude. Yeah, alliance stuff is going to be tricky for a while. I'm seeing a rift already. Ugh... I posted about it on my blog

  2. Oh writing again are we? Excellent!