Friday, April 04, 2008

Changed My Skill Plan... Again


I know, I know, I change my plan every week it seems but you have to roll with the punches. Fiddling with the skill plan is one of the most fun parts of Eve.

I finished Large Rail Specialization IV this morning (for Elite Sniper Goodness!) and was going to wade into Motion Prediction V for Tech II blasters but decided to forgo that route for the time being and push harder down the carrier path for alliance support reasons.

Plus I want to fly my carrier. REALLY WANT.

I'm training some quick auxiliary skills that I want to bang off like Electronic Attack ships (to give me another option for frig gangs besides the Raptor) and Heavy Missiles Specializations (for improved Cerberus and Drake performance and options besides HAMs) before tearing into Warp Drive Operation V. That should take me to about the 20th of April where I will put on Caldari Battle Ship V.

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