Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Logistics Part II

As I said yesterday, I had ships in Nonni to move to Stacmon so sadly that's all Kirith was able to do. I got three of the four ships moved with only a Cerberus left in Nonni and I'm tempted just to sell that. Derranna was on Freighter duty moving Kirith's mods and stuff along with all the remaining corp assets from Nonni to Stacmon. That's the first time using a freighter I've seen the thing full almost to the brim. We had a lot of stuff in the corp hangers.

Tonight Kirith can work on getting his ships to a low sec port for some carrier jumping (Hooray for my CEO!) to 0.0 while Derranna will go back to Nonni to complete the cloaking device production.

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