Friday, March 28, 2008


Last night I logged in for a bit and found my CEO asking for a cynosaural field in our new 0.0 home system. I was in the system but didn't have the module to do as he asked.

I flew to a nearby station and picked up what I needed and was heading back when I ran into a gate camp that had been set up in the minutes since I last warped through. Normally when I'm in my Buzzard Covert Ops ship that is not a big deal, but these guys also had deployed a large Warp Disruption bubble on the gate, 35 km of NO WARP FOR YOU in all directions. And I was smack dab in it.

I tried to run to the nearest edge with my cloak on, but they were experienced and quickly closed in on my location and managed to get within 2000 metres to decloak me. Soon I was locked, warp scrambled, and dead. But I had made it to the edge and got my pod out to avoid having to buy new +3 implants.

Not the glorious start to my new 0.0 life but an important reminder of the hazards that it holds.

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  1. Anonymous10:51 am

    I recommend always flying in 0.0 with a mwd fitted...when finding yourself in a bubble- use your 30 sec jump cloak to find closest edge of the bubble, align, hit mwd, hit cloak, then warp once clear. Fitting a few overdrives in the lows with maybe a nanofiber will also help your speed. Otherwise you are dead meat. Some people say an afterburner is better because of smaller sig radius but I think the trade off is nil especially when you got a rapier in a gank squad.