Monday, March 31, 2008

Serpentis Rats, I'm Coming For You

My esteemed ans respected CEO (who reads this blog sometimes, natch) was able to jump a few ships up to our home in Syndicate; my new Rokh battleship, my old reliable Falcon Recon cruiser, my untouchable Raptor interceptor, a long ranged Harpy Assault frigate, and a Blackbird cruiser and Rifter for emergency situations calling for disposable ships.

I'm missing my Manticore Stealth Bomber, Drake Battlecruiser, Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship, and most importantly, my Onyx Heavy Interdictor. But all of those ships are rigged and cannot be transported by freighter so I would have to slowboat them down which is 20 jumps one way through high sec from Nonni to Stacmon. Not attractive. Maybe some night this week.

Saturday morning I found myself in 0.0 with my new Rokh equipped as such:
8 x 425mm II rails (*drool*)
100mn Afterburner II
Tracking Computer II
2 x Large Shield Extender II
2 x Invulnerability Field II
2 x Power Diagnostic II
3 x Magnetic Field Stabilizers
No rigs
5 x Vespa II drones

Its DPS is an impressive 430 without including the drones (539 with them) with antimatter ammo at an optimal of 50km and 29km falloff. A defence rating of 96 DPS which is not impressive for PvP but adequate for ratting when you include the hit point buffer of 18K shields and resistances at 58.6/66.9/75.2/78.3 which is decent if not outstanding.

All in all, a solid ship for ratting or throwing DPS into a gang should the need arise.

I'll need to get a sensor booster or two to make decent use of its range with Spike Ammo. Its DPS falls to 287 but it has a range of 209 km optimal plus 29 falloff which means I can hit as far as the maximum targeting range of 250 km. One sensor booster would let me target 172.8 km so I'd need two.

While ratting with a corp mate one morning a red came waltzing through and our alliance scrambled a defense force to try and lock him down. He was in an Arazu which has the covert ops cloaking. This allowed him to easily escape but he failed to get any kills and he had to run in order to get away. Good work team!

Derranna completed Jump Drive Operation IV last night and is on the last major hurdle to the jump freighter, 20 days of Jump Drive Operation V. Should be complete on April 20th.

Speaking of Derranna, she was trying to refuel the POS yesterday but a couple of pilots were gate camping in Aunenen in an Onyx and Phobos, two Heavy Interdictors. I decided to wait until this morning before downtime and STILL one of them (the Onyx pilot) was there. Fortunately, a window of opportunity arose and I skipped through with two weeks of fuel.

This week is all about getting Derranna into 0.0 to assist Kirith with ratting. Also, some more cloaking device production.

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