Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pre Patch Hunting

I logged in last night to find an op about the start, a simple roaming gang in 0.0. Happy at the timing I jumped in the Onyx and flew out. Our fleet consisted of 3 Stealth Bombers, 2 Inties, 1 Black Bird, my Onyx Heavy Interdictor, and our Fleet Commander in his Slepnier Command Ship (Tech II Battlecruiser, one of the nastiest ship classes known to PvP).

We quickly found a gate camp on another access to 0.0 space being run by a Dominatrix battleship. One of our interceptor scouts went in and engaged, and suddenly a Covert Ops Rapier decloaked and engaged. As we warped in our pilot went down but we were good for getting revenge and that rigged Rapier was destroyed. The Domi was smart and withdrew from the gate.

We stuck on the gate hoping for some victims to come through. Several minutes later the Dominatrix and Rapier pilots returned, the former still in his Domi and the latter in a new Vagabond. We couldn't repeat the kill on the fast vaga Heavy Assault cruiser and when a third enemy in a Gallente Astarte command ship arrived and a couple of our stealth bombers were down, we knew we were out gunned and decided to live to fight another day.

Since the Rapier was easily 8-10 times more expensive than our little tech II frig losses, we called it a victory.

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  1. I haven't corrected you for awhile. Been slipping. I've never heard of a Dominatrix ship in Eve, though. Perhaps you meant a Dominix?