Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Training Update

Well, since I announced my plan back here last week about my future training, I'm happy to announce that I've stuck to it so far and currently have 15 and a half days left of Large Hybrid V. These skills that take more than two weeks kill me, but fortunately I find that once you get into them the break from logging into manage skills is a nice change.

Derranna's training for the Jump Freighter is going well too. She's knocked off Navigation V to open up access to Jump Drive Operation, and took care of a level of Advanced Spaceship Command and Minmatar Freight skills. She's currently got 15 hours left on Advanced Spaceship Command III, then she need level IV (4.5 days) and level IV of Minmatar Freighter (9.5 days).

After that, the only big hump left is the 20 days for Jump Drive Operation V, and then 3 hours after that completes she will be ready to fly the Nomad. The evening of April 19th is the current target date, so I expect to be selling Barak in the week and a half before that, probably starting around April 4th.

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