Thursday, March 13, 2008

Battlefleet Gothic Tonight

I've been trying for three successive weeks to get in a game of BFG and tonight I may finally accomplish it.

Its only 1000 pts against a relative BFG newb, but I love the game and it will have to do. My fleet:

Caligo Eternus - Archeron Heavy Cruiser with Chaos Lord Diomedes
Darknight's Pride - Devastation Cruiser
Dark Viper - Carnage Cruiser
Capricorn Retaliation - Slaughter Cruiser with Chaos Lord Kirith and Marine bodyguard
Cosmic Fire - Slaughter Cruiser

I typically fly in 3 formations: The Archeron and Carnage form a long range firing pair of lances and weapon batteries, the Devastation provides close combat patrol fighters to kill enemy torpedo salvos and bomber wings, and the Slaughters use their speed to bring their awesome short ranged firepower to bear once the enemy is engaged and vulnerable.

Battle report tomorrow!

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