Friday, March 14, 2008

Ack! Where did the week go!?

Between real life tasks on Wednesday, Battlefleet Gothic on Thursday, Eve patch difficulties and extended downtimes, I haven't been in New Eden1 much in a while, and it might not change too much for the next couple days as we are going away for Saturday and not back until Sunday afternoon. However, next week I'll be back to a mostly regular schedule.

In the meantime, the beauty of Eve's skill system shines through. Despite not playing much, Kirith is 45% of the way through the 22 day slog of Large Hybrid V and I'm starting to think about buying some Tech II large rails, 450mm and 350mm for my precious Rokh, the Insisto Oblivium II. Sigh, still 12 days left.

As for Derranna, I had to switch her up some to avoid patch downtimes so that she's partially done Minmatar Freighter IV (26%) and just finished Advanced Spaceship Command III this afternoon when I had a chance to switch it on. Right now she's 15 minutes from finishing Jump Drive Operation I which doesn't open anything up for her despite being a brand new skill (sad face) and I need all five levels of it to get to training Jump Drive Calibration (more sad face) but that represents the bulk of the training I have left for my Nomad Jump Freighter (happy face).

By the time I'm back Monday I'll be even closer to my goals without moving a mouse! Thanks Eve!

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