Friday, March 14, 2008

Newbs Taste Like Chicken

So I played a game of Battlefleet Gothic last night against Soupcat (Mike?) and his Ork fleet. Being only his second game, it was an unfair advantage to me to be using 1000 pts of Chaos. But hey, its all I got.

I chronicled my standard and plain 1000 pt fleet here, and his fleet consisted of a lot of escort sized ships (around 20) and one Onslaught cruiser whose ten hull points concerned me. Then I remembered that each cruiser I have is equal to 6-8 of his escorts and I relaxed and let my guns do the talking.

And talking they did. My rolling for lances was amazing with a near constant stream of hits that pulverized the ork fleet before they got in range. When they did get in range two of my cruisers were crippled in one turn; the first from a considerable bomber wave and the second from a salvo of 15(!) torpedoes. But the juncture had been passed and my return fire eliminated the major threats.

It would have helped had we remembered brace for impact though. So consider it a training exercise and I expect a rematch in the coming weeks!

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