Monday, March 17, 2008

Cleanup In Aisle Jita!

This weekend was tabbed "Cleanup" weekend or "Taking Care of Loose Ends" time.

First off, I decided to get Barak ready for his sale but giving all his assets to Kirith for selling, keeping, or disposing. That meant his transport ships, carrier, and several other misc items from all around New Eden. By 9am Saturday he was done and 24 hours from being dropped from corp.

Kirith then had to do some travelling to repackage and sell those Station Containers from Barak, and at the same time take eight 350mm II railguns to Gulfonodi in anticipation of completing Large Hybrids V in about 9 days (single digits!!! *swoons*). While out and about I stopped in Jita to pick up my new set of +4 implants I lost when the Cerberus went off the reservation.

Finally I stopped in Amarr to buy a bunch of moon materials and other items for building cloaking devices and Invulnerability Fields for the corp. Then back to Lonetrek where I completed a level 3 in low sec I had left over from last weekend.

Derranna in the meantime, had to pick up the moon materials in Amarr I purchased with Kirith, and also did a run to Motsu and back to bring his Vindicator battleship home since he can't fly it himself yet. Then Sunday evening I completed housekeeping with a trip out to the POS to refuel another week.

Now that all that crap is done, back to normal.

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