Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quiet Holidays

While I did get to play Eve during the holidays, it was irregular and disjointed most of the time and hence no huge events. Some missions, a carrier courier for a friend of my CEO, and quiet industrial activity.

I did sell the Widow finally. I had to transport the damn thing to Perimeter and sell it there for 525 milllion isk which covers the manufacturing cost but not the invention cost. I'm going to have to build and sell more in order to truly make a profit. Regardles I was able to use the funds to pay back the special ship invention investors with interest and the dividends for December. Right now Razor is sitting on a pile of isk and simply inventing and stockpiling BPCs while material and retail prices stabilize into something more predictable.

In other news, my old mentor is restarting Strife Mercenaries and the invitation has gone out. I was torn about what to do at first since I have a pretty good position in m3, but ultimately these are my friends in real life and I want to fly with them. The corp change should occur in the next week.

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