Sunday, December 23, 2007


The plan was "Tech 2 Missiles!" And for several days I dutifully trained Heavy Missiles V.

And then yesterday, with still many days left to go, I switched to Propulsion Jamming V.


Well, you see, I had some spare Moa blueprint copies that I threw in the lab to try and invent some Onyx BPCs. And I succeeded. And while checking out the blueprint I clicked on the info for the Onyx ship, a Heavy Interdictor Cruiser. And while reading the details I realized "THIS SHIP IS THE BOMB!"

High resists, damage bonus, lots of mids for shield tank, and can use a new module called Warp Disruption Generator which acts like an Interdictor Bubble or can be modified by a script to act like a regular warp disruptor except with infinit strength.

Well damn, sounds awesome. So I broke down and started training for them.

What can I say, I'm weak.

* * *
Note: irregular posting due to holidays.

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